Viewing the App Catalog

The App Catalog page lists the apps that have been added to the management console. On this page, you can see the app details or add a new app.

To view the app catalog:

1.Select the Workspaces menu.

2.Select the App Catalog tab.

The App Catalog page lists all apps in the catalog. For example:

Figure 128App Catalog


On this page:

Search – This enables you to filter the apps list.

Android / iOS / All – This enables you to filter the app list by platform.

Add App – This enables you to add apps from Google Play, Apple App Store or manually.

App Catalog – Displays information about each app in the system.

Edit (icon_dashboard_edit_1.png) – This enables you to edit the settings for an app.

Delete (icon_delete_1.png) – This enables you to delete an app from the App Catalog.

Note: You must remove the app from all policies before you can delete it.