Uploading an Android App to the App Catalog from Pulse One

You can add an Android app to the App Catalog from Pulse One. To do this, you upload an Android app APK to Pulse One manually. The app is then added automatically to the Google Play Store for your Google developer account. After the app is approved on Google Play Store, it is added automatically to your Pulse One App Catalog.

Before you can upload an APK, you must delegate publishing rights from Android Enterprise to Pulse One.

Note: You cannot delegate publishing rights for Android app upload when your Android Enterprise is enrolled using the Google Apps setup method.

To delegate publishing rights from Android Enterprise to Pulse One:

1.Click the Settings icon on top-right-corner of the page and select Android Enterprise.

Figure 141Android Enterprise Properties


The Android Enterprise Accounts page appears.

Note: Ensure that your Google developer account is enrolled in Android Enterprise Accounts with Pulse Workspace as the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) provider (see the notification above). If it is not, you must click Enroll and follow the Google process.

2.Click Delegate Publishing Rights.

A confirmation dialog appears.

Figure 142Delegate Publishing Rights


3.Click Yes.

4.Log in with required Google developer credentials.

A Google Play confirmation screen appears.

5.Confirm that you want to publish private apps.

The delegate rights process is complete.

To add an Android app to the App Catalog from Pulse One:

1.Select the Workspaces menu.

2.Select the App Catalog tab. The App Catalog page appears.

3.In the App Catalog page, click Add App and then select Add App Manually.

The Add App Manually dialog appears.

Figure 143Add Android App Manually


4.Select Upload Android App and click Next.

The Add Android App Manually dialog appears.

Figure 144Add Android App Manually


5.In the Add Android App Manually window, select Pulse One Console.

6.Enter a Title for the app.

7.Click Choose File and locate the required Android APK filename.

8.Click Add.

The APK is uploaded automatically to the Google Play console in an Pending publication state. For example:

Figure 145Uploaded Android App Unpublished


The approval and publication can takes up to ten minutes. After publication, the state updates:

Figure 146Uploaded Android App Published


After the app is published on the Google Play console, it is added automatically to the App Catalog on Pulse One. For example:

Figure 147Uploaded Android App Added to App Catalog


After the app is in the App Catalog, you can add the app to a specific policy. For details, see Adding an Android App to a Policy.