Android Enterprise is a program for supporting enterprise use of Android, which consists of product features in Android, Google Play for Work, Managed Google Play Accounts and other productivity tools. The solutions built on Android Enterprise include data security, app security, device security, and so on.

An IT administrator needs to set up Android Enterprise before anyone can start using it. The setup differs depending on what type of account you have. Your account determines if you can use Google Mobile Management or a third-party EMM provider.

Note: On-Prem customers must contact Pulse Support for the Enterprise Service Account (ESA) credentials.

Pulse Workspace provides the following solutions:

Managed Google Play Accounts: This helps customers who do not have a GSuite or Managed Google Account. Refer to the Managed Google Play Help.

Google Play for Work or Managed Google Account: This helps GSuite or Managed Google Account customers to use Android for Work. For more details, refer to the Android Enterprise Help.

For details about setting up Managed Google Play Accounts and Google Play for Work, refer to the Pulse One Cloud Administration Guide.