Adding an Android App to the App Catalog Manually

To add an Android app to the App Catalog manually:

1.Select the Workspaces menu.

2.Select the App Catalog tab. The App Catalog page appears.

3.In the App Catalog page, click Add App and then select Add App Manually.

The Add App Manually dialog appears.

Figure 138Add Android App Manually


4.Select Upload Android App and click Next.

The Add Android App Manually dialog appears.

Figure 139Add Android App Manually


5.In the Add Android App Manually window, select Google Console.

6.Select the Google Console hyperlink.

7.Log in with Google enterprise credentials.

8.Follow the Google instructions to upload the APK, publish the app, publish the content rating and pricing, and publish the custom app.

Figure 140Upload an Android App


After publication, it takes approximately four hours to appears in the Pulse Workspace App Catalog.

9.(Optional) Click Edit to modify the app, and follow the steps described in Adding an Android App to the App Catalog from Google Play.

The next step is to add the app to a specific policy. For details, see Adding an Android App to a Policy.