Adding an Android App to a Policy

To add an app to a policy:

1.Log in to Pulse One as an admin.

2.Select the Workspaces menu.

3.Select the Policies tab.

4.Click Add to add a new policy.

Figure 157Add Policy


5.Enter a Policy Name, complete the Has user tags property, and click Save. For example:

Figure 158Add Policy Details


The policy is added to the Policies list in the Workspace Properties page.

You must now add apps from the Google Play Store to this policy.

6.Click the Android Apps tab.

7.Enable the Show Global apps option.

A list of apps that are configured with global policy are displayed.

8.Click Add App.

Figure 159Add App to Policy


9.In the Add App from App Catalog dialog, enter the app name in the Search box and press Enter.

A list of apps is displayed based on the search criteria. For example:

Figure 160Add App from App Catalog


10.From the apps list, select the required app and click Add.

The app is added to the policy. For example:

Figure 161Updated App List for Policy


11.In the Android Apps list, select the Actions icon (icon_actions.png) for the app and click Edit app rule.

The Configure App Details dialog appears.

12.Make the required configuration changes.

For example, if you access the app through VPN only, then set Network access to Require VPN.

Figure 162Configure App Details


Note: You cannot change the Description.

13.Click Next.

The Configure App dialog appears.

14.Supply the required configuration and click Save. For example:

Figure 163Configure App


15.Some apps need permissions to access. For these apps, the App Permissions dialog appears. Select the required permissions for the app and click Save.

For information about enabling app permission property and configuring default runtime permission, see Managing Pulse One Properties.

16.Select the app from the app list and click Publish.

Figure 164Publish App


The Publish confirmation dialog appears.

17.Click Yes. The app is published.

This completes adding an Android app to a policy.