Configuring PPS with Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune is an MDM server which provides the device compliance status for the mobile devices. PPS retrieves the device attributes from Microsoft Intune and uses it for compliance assessments and role assignment. This feature integrates Microsoft Intune and PPS for providing compliance check and onboarding of devices.

To configure Microsoft Intune MDM server:

  1. Select Authentication > Auth. Servers > New MDM Server.
  2. Enter the server name, select Microsoft Intune as MDM.

    • Enter the Azure AD Tenant ID.

    • Enter the Web application ID or Client ID that is registered in Azure AD.

    • Enter the Client Secret key registered in the Azure AD.

    • Enter the Timeout duration in seconds. Default is 15 seconds.

    To obtain Tenant ID, Client ID, Client Secret Key, see Viewing Client ID, Tenant ID, and Client Secret.

  3. Click Save Changes.
  4. Select Users > User Realms and select the Device Attribute server for Microsoft Intune.
  5. Select Role Mapping tab of the user realm to create role mapping rules. Configure the role mapping rules based on the Microsoft Intune supported device attributes.