jamCommand Reference


jamCommand [-import [script]] [-tray] [-log[level]]


/importFile <script>


/log <level>


/suspend <GUIDS>

/resume <GUIDS>


/brand <brandfile>



Release Information

Introduced with Pulse R1.0.

Pulse R3.1 introduced the suspend and resume options.

Pulse R4.0.3 introduced new options to support the Pulse Secure Client Customization tool.


The jamCommand.exe program is a command line program that imports a .pulsepreconfig or a Branding.PulseBrandingPackage file into the Pulse client. The jamCommand program is available for Windows and macOS.


import—Import script from the default memory-mapped file.

importFile <script>—Import script from the specified file.

tray—Launch the tray notify application.

log—Set the global log level.

stop—Stop the Pulse UI.

suspend <GUIDS>—Suspend the Pulse UI.

resume <GUIDS>—Resume a suspended Pulse UI.

brand <brandfile>—Install the Pulse user interface changes defined in the Pulse branding file.

unbrand—Remove the changes applied by the Pulse branding file.

norestart—Do not restart Pulse after applying the Pulse branding file.

Required Privilege Level


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