Using jamCommand to Import Pulse Secure Connections

The jamCommand.exe program is a command line program that imports a .pulsepreconfig file into the Pulse client. The jamCommand program is available for Windows (Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8) and macOS.

A .pulsepreconfig file includes Pulse connection parameters. You can create a .pulsepreconfig file on the Pulse server, and then use it as part of a Pulse installation to ensure that Pulse users have one or more Pulse connections when they start Pulse for the first time.

Note: One typical use case for jamCommand on a Windows endpoint is to first run jamCommand to import one or more Pulse connections from a .pulsepreconfigfile, and then run pulselauncher.exe to start Pulse.

To install Pulse connections using jamCommand:

  1. Create a .pulsepreconfig file on the Pulse server.

In the Pulse server admin console, click Users > Pulse Secure > Components.

  1. Select the component sets you want, and then click Download Installer Configuration.
  2. Distribute the .pulsepreconfig file to the Pulse endpoints.
  3. Run jamCommand with the .pulsepreconfig file as an option. For example:

On Windows:

\Program Files\Common Files\Pulse Secure\JamUI\jamCommand -importfile myfile.pulsepreconfig

On macOS:

/Applications/ -importfile /Users/<user profile>/<pre-config file location on local disk>/<preconfig file name>

If the Pulse client is running when you run jamCommand, the new Pulse connection or connections appear immediately. The connection name appears as it was defined when you created the connection in the Pulse server admin console.

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