Importing an XML Configuration File

To import an XML configuration file:

  1. Select Maintenance > Import/Export > Import XML to display the configuration page.

    Figure 5-69 shows the configuration page for Pulse Connect Secure.

  1. Complete the configuration and import operation as described in Table 5-41.

    Figure 5-69: Import XML File Configuration Page

Table 5-41: Import XML File Configuration and Action Guidelines



Schema Files

Schema files

Download the XML schema definition (.xsd) files that describe the XML.


XML data file

Locate and select the XML file.


Import the file. The Import XML Results page is displayed. This page contains information about the imported network settings, roles, resource policies, and other settings. If there are errors in the XML, the import operation stops and rolls back the configuration to the previous state. Error messages are displayed on the Import XML Results page.

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