Configuring Host Checker Caching

Host Checker supports caching of previous HC evaluation and performs the HC evaluation after a defined amount of time (For example, 1 week) instead of every time the user connects. This feature saves the Host Check results for all type of HC policy on all supported desktop operating systems.

The Host Checker caching workflow is described below:

NOTE: Host Checker caching is supported for users using both Pulse Client and for browser based logins.

To configure caching on Host Checker:

  1. Select Authentication > Endpoint Security > Host Checker.
  2. Under Options, Store host checking evaluation results enable Store Host Checking evaluation results and enter the number of days. The cached results will be used for host checking based on the specified number of days. The default number of days for storing HC results is 7 days. You can store the HC cache data up to 31 days.
  3. The Admin can also choose to cache results for any of the roles assigned or if any of the user selected roles are assigned.

  4. Click Save Changes.