Configuring Health Check Options

You can use the System > Configuration > Security > Health Check Options page to configure the following security options:

To configure health check options:

  1. Select System > Configuration > Security > Health Check Options to display the configuration page. Figure 162 shows the configuration page.

    Figure 162: Health Check Security Options Configuration Page

  2. Select the Enable additional information via healthcheck.cgi checkbox and Save Changes. A URL parameter 'status' needs to be passed to get additional information to the health check url.

    For more information about parameters such as CPU usage and number of active sessions use https://<Pulse Connect Secure>/dana-na/healthcheck/healthcheck.cgi?status=all.

    For more information about SBR statistics use https://<Pulse Connect Secure>/dana-na/healthcheck/healthcheck.cgi?status=sbr

  3. Add the relevant IPv4/v6 addresses for which additional information is required to be made available, and click Add.
  4. Now click Save Changes.