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Upgrading the System Software

Installing a service package can take several minutes and requires the system to reboot. Because existing system data is backed up during this process, you can decrease installation time by clearing your system log before trying to install a service package.

To upgrade the operating system:

  1. Select Maintenance > System > Upgrade/Downgrade to display the system software maintenance page.

    Figure 213 shows the system software maintenance page.

  1. Under Install Service Package, select one of the following options to proceed:
    • From File—Use the Browse button to locate and select the service package file.
    • From Staged Package—Select the service package file that was previously uploaded.

    Note: Do not select the Deletes option when you are upgrading software. The Deletes option is available to support downgrading software.

  1. Click Install.

    The system displays the Service Package Installation Status page, which provides a summary of the integrity checks and compatibility checks and other status indicators. Figure 212 shows the software upgrade status page.

    Figure 212: Software Upgrade Status Page

    Note: If you have enabled logging for Administrator changes (System > Log/Monitoring > Admin Access > Settings page), a log is written to the Admin Access logs page. If you have enabled logging for System Status (System > Log/Monitoring > Events > Settings page), logs are written to the Events logs page.