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Introducing the Pulse Secure Client

The Pulse Connect Secure gateway is the server component of a larger client-server solution. Pulse Secure, LLC allows many different clients to provide an array of secure-connectivity services to end users. In general, Pulse Secure clients can be divided into three groups:

  1. Desktop clients
  2. Mobile clients
  3. Integrated clients

Each of these clients are described below:

Desktop Clients

Pulse Secure desktop clients are fully-featured secure-connectivity clients that can be deployed either directly from the Pulse Connect Secure gateway or via other third-party software distribution mechanisms (e.g., SMS). The Pulse Secure desktop clients support Windows and Mac OSX.

The Windows desktop client provides VPN, Host Checker, and Layer-2 (NAC) functionality, whereas the OSX desktop client provides VPN and Host Checker functionality. The Pulse Secure desktop clients can be downloaded from without having to download the Pulse Connect Secure gateway packages. Refer to the Pulse Desktop Clients documentation for details on desktop clients.

Mobile Clients

Pulse Secure mobile clients differ from the desktop clients in that they are made available through App Stores (rather than hosted on the Pulse Connect Secure gateway). Pulse Secure offers mobile clients for iOS, Android, Google Chrome OS, and Windows (the Windows mobile client is also called the “Universal App”).

Mobile clients are designed to be lightweight and work tightly within the “sandboxes” provided by the mobile operating systems. The exact functionality of each mobile client varies according to the operating system, so, refer to the Pulse Mobile Client documentation for details on the capability of each mobile client.

Integrated Clients

There are many clients that are integrated directly into the Pulse Connect Secure gateway. They are deployed by the PCS gateway and cannot be acquired independently from the PCS gateway. For the most part, these integrated clients are accessed by end users via a web browser connected to the PCS gateway.

These integrated clients include Network Connect, Pulse Collaboration (Secure Meeting), and WSAM/JSAM (Secure Access Manager). The deployment and operation of these integrated clients are described in this PCS Administration Guide.