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Configuring a VMware View Manager Resource Profile

VMware View Manager, formerly VMware VDI, lets you run virtual desktops in a data center that provide end users a single view of all their applications and data in a personalized environment regardless of the device or location they log in from.

To configure a VMware View Manager profile:

  1. Select Users > Resource Profiles > Virtual Desktops.
  2. Click New Profile.
  3. Select VMware View Manager from the Type drop-down list.
  4. Enter a name and description (optional) to identify this profile.
  5. Enter the name or IP address and port of the connection broker using the format ip:port. For example,

    You can enter more than one IP address. Place each address on a separate line.

  1. Select the Use SSL for connecting to the Server check box if SSL is required to connect to the server.
  2. Enter the username to connect to the connection broker or use the <USERNAME> session variable.
  3. Enter the password:
    • To use a variable password to connect to the connection broker, select Variable Password and enter the variable in the form of <PASSWORD> or <PASSWORD@SEcAuthServer>.
    • Select Password to use a static password to connect to the connection broker and enter the user credential’s password.
  1. Enter the domain where the View Manager server is located.
  2. Click Save and Continue.
  3. Select the roles to which this profile applies and click Add.

    The Enabled Settings table under Users > User Roles also displays which roles have virtual desktops enabled.

  1. Click Save Changes.
  2. (Optional.) In the Bookmarks tab, modify the default bookmark created by the system and/or create new ones.

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