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Configuring Pulse Connect Secure

The following basic steps need to be completed to enable users to start using Pulse Connect Secure.

  1. Plug in the Pulse Connect Secure device and connect it to your network. Configure the initial system and network settings (see the MAG Series Hardware Guide or PSA Series device for more information).
  2. When you first sign into the admin console, an initial configuration task guide display, to walk you through the upgrade and installation of product licenses process. To view the configuration task guide, click Guidance in the upper right corner of the admin console.
  3. Set the system date and time, upgrade to the latest service package, and install your product licenses.
  4. Followed by the installation of product licenses, use the following steps to set up your access management framework to enable users to authenticate and access resources.

    Create a test scenario to familiarize yourself with the process (see Creating a Test Scenario to Learn Concepts and Best Practices).

  1. Define an authentication server that verifies user names and passwords.
  2. Create the user roles that enable access mechanisms, session options, and UI options for user groups.

  3. Create a user authentication realm that specifies the conditions that users must meet to sign into the device.

  4. Define a sign-in policy that specifies the URL that users must access to sign into the device and the page that they see when they sign in.

  5. Create resource profiles that control access to resources, specify which user roles can access them, and include bookmarks that link to the resources.

  6. After completing the basic steps, your system is ready for use. You can start using it as it is, or configure additional advanced features such as endpoint defense and clustering.