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Authenticating Users with Existing Servers

You can easily configure Pulse Connect Secure to use your company’s existing servers to authenticate your end users. Users need not create a new username and password to access the device.

The PCS supports integration with LDAP, RADIUS, NIS, Windows NT Domain, Active Directory, CA Site Minder, SAML, and RSA ACE/Servers.

Alternatively, if you do not want to use one of these standard servers, you can store usernames and credentials directly on the PCS and use it as an authentication server. In addition, you can choose to authenticate users based on attributes contained in authentication assertions generated by SAML authorities or client-side certificates.

Also, if you do not want your users to sign into the device, you can use the anonymous authentication server, which allows users to access the device without providing a username or password.

Pulse Secure Mobile client supports only one case of dual-factor authentication, in which the client certificate is the primary, while the local authorization is the secondary.

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