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Logging In To Windows Through a Secure Tunnel

Use the Logoff On Connect feature for users to log in to their Windows environment through an existing VPN tunnel. This feature lets them authenticate against a Windows Domain server in real time, as opposed to authenticating with the locally cached credentials. When this feature is enabled, they are automatically logged off Windows after the VPN tunneling session starts. The standard Windows login screen re-appears and they log in using their Windows credentials. Their Windows environment is now established through the VPN tunnel.

Note: Users must log in to Windows within 5 minutes of the login screen re-appearing or before the Host Checker policy evaluate period ends, whichever is shorter. If they do not, their VPN tunnel connection may time out and they will not be logged in to Windows through a secure tunnel. An error appears if the VPN tunnel connection times out.

The Logoff On Connect feature is not supported within SVW.

To use the Logoff On Connect feature:

  1. Users log on to their local machine using their domain cached credentials. Their machine must be part of a Windows domain.
  2. Users launch VPN tunneling and click Tools from the login page.
  3. Select the Logoff on Connect option and click OK.
  4. Users enter their username and password credentials in the login page.

    A tunnel is established and logs them off of their local machine. The Windows login page appears.

  1. Users enter their username and password credentials to sign in to their Windows Domain using the VPN tunnel.

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