Virtual Appliance Platform Licensing

To define uniform hardware sizing on VMs, only limited number of cores can be assigned to the system. Even if admins assign more cores to the system, the system enforces only the allowed number of cores by the platform licenses. New SKUs are added to the licensing SKUs as features and are enforced by the licensing framework.

NOTE: On upgrade from an older version to PCS 8.3R3/PPS 5.4R3, core licenses are NOT enforced. Customer need not install any core licenses. The behavior of the VA/PSA is similar to 8.3R1. The customer can lease the user licenses from license server or get licenses using authorization codes from the PCLS.

Since a licensing server cannot give the licenses while launching the VMs, the admin needs to register with PCLS and fetch the required licenses from PCLS. New SKUs are added to the number of cores. VMs can fetch the licenses required for the assigned cores by the hypervisor if the VM is registered with PCLS.

To enable required performance, the VM is assigned the required number of cores. The following table lists the approximate cores assigned to each platform:

Table 1: Cores applicable to Platform License types

Platform License

Number of Licensed Cores








The following is the list of license SKUs for VA-SPE/ PSA-V appliances On-Premise and Public Cloud platforms:

NOTE: The XX in the SKUs represents the applicable cloud platform.
For example, AZ for Azure, PSA5000- VAZ-V-1YR.

For On-Premise platforms, exclude XX and use the code. For example, PSA5000- V -V-1YR.