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Activating the OPSWAT SDK Version

Beginning with Release 8.2R5, Pulse Policy Secure supports both v3 and v4 SDKs provided by OPSWAT. The default SDK version used is v3, but it can be reconfigured based on your requirement. The product/vendor names used by v3 and v4 SDK might differ. Due to the product/vendor names mismatch, there is a possibility that the rules become empty while creating Host Checker rule with v3 SDK activated and upon enabling v4 SDK. To avoid this, a migration page is added to help the administrators in migrating the policies from v3 to v4 SDK.

To use v3 or v4 SDK:

  1. Select Authentication > Endpoint Security > Host Checker .
  2. Enable the Activate Older SDK in ESAP for Host Checker policy evaluation check box for v3 SDK.
  3. Disable the Activate Older SDK in ESAP for Host Checker policy evaluation check box for v4 SDK.

Figure 103: Activating SDK

Note: It is recommended to disable this option for using newer version of OPSWAT SDK, after all the Pulse Clients are upgraded to 5.2R5 or above and servers are upgraded to PCS 8.2R5 or above.

  1. Click Activate. A confirm Activation page appears which lists the products and/or vendors, which are no longer supported in that particular ESAP SDK version. From the drop downlist, admin can select one or many new products/vendors instead of the existing product/vendor.

    Figure 104: ESAP Activation

    Note: Only the products/vendors, which gets changed are listed. If some rules have some products/vendors whose names are not changed, it will be automatically migrated and will not be listed.

  1. Enable Backup 'User Configuration' and 'XML containing configured Host Checker, Realms and Roles details to create a local backup of user configurations under Maintenance > Archiving > Local Backups.

    Figure 105: Backup User Configuration

    Note: Server maintains a maximum of 5 backups. To capture a new backup, older one will be automatically deleted

  1. Click Confirm.