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About Citrix Templates

The system supports several mechanisms for intermediating traffic between a Citrix server and client, including the Pulse Secure Citrix Services Client proxy, JSAM, WSAM, VPN Tunneling, and the hosted Java applets feature.

The Citrix Web template enables you to easily configure access to a Citrix server using the Pulse Secure Citrix Services Client proxy, JSAM, or WSAM. The Citrix Web template is a resource profile that controls access to Citrix applications and configures Citrix settings as necessary. Citrix Web templates significantly reduce your configuration time by consolidating configuration settings into one place and by prepopulating a variety of resource policy settings for you depending on the type of Citrix setup you select. You should use the Citrix Web template if you have the Citrix Web Interface already installed in your environment or if you are using a Web server to host your ICA files.

Because of their highly simplified configurations, templates are the ideal Citrix configuration method if you want to deliver ActiveX or Java applets from a third-party Web server through the system.

Citrix Web templates simplify your configuration by automatically detecting whether the Citrix Web client or the Citrix Java applet is being used and employing the appropriate access mechanism accordingly. For instance, if you have configured the Citrix Web Interface to deliver a Java client, the system automatically uses its Java rewriting engine to tunnel traffic. If you have configured the Citrix Web Interface to deliver an ActiveX client, the system uses its Citrix Terminal Services feature, JSAM, or WSAM (depending on the option you select) to tunnel traffic.

We strongly recommend using Citrix templates instead of the traditional role and resource policy configuration options available through the system.

Note: Pulse Secure does not support saving a Citrix application shortcut to the desktop through the system when the loopback IP address is running on the client. Double-clicking this shortcut returns an error as it does not use WSAM or JSAM.

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