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Pulse Connect Secure Administration Guide

Pulse Connect Secure enables you to provide a browser-based, secure and controlled access from outside your trusted network to your corporate data and applications (including file servers, Web servers, native messaging and e-mail clients, hosted servers, and more) to your employees, partners, and customers.

Pulse Connect Secure provides robust security by intermediating the data that flows between external users and your company’s internal resources. Through an extranet session hosted by the appliance, users are authenticated and provided access to the resources they are authorized to. During intermediation, the Pulse appliance receives secure requests from the external, authenticated users and then makes requests to the internal resources on behalf of those users. This approach using intermediation eliminates the need to deploy extranet toolkits as in a traditional demilitarized zone (DMZ) or the need to provision a remote access VPN for employees.

To access the intuitive home page, your employees, partners, and customers need only a Web browser that supports SSL and an Internet connection.